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As the vessels descend on Otherside, some of them strike the Obelisk, chipping it. The chips fall to the ground and, because they’re pieces of an object that is sacred to Kodas, Blue walks around Otherside, retrieving them.

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To honor and commemorate Otherside’s creation, Blue carves each of these precious chips of Obelisk into a familiar shape: that of the bottle that contained the blue fluid from which Otherside began. Blue offers these spiritual relics to Otherdeed dwellers to remind them of Otherside’s origins.

A mysterious golden Voyager, having witnessed Blue’s creation of the bottles, approaches him and proposes a partnership: if Blue will agree to teach the golden Voyager to master Otherside magic, the Voyager will teach Blue to craft other exquisite items. As a gesture of goodwill, the Voyager presents Blue with the chains from which the bottle relics will hang.


Digital meets physical

The KodaPendant, an Otherside Relic by Gucci, is a digital and physical piece that represents Gucci’s entry into Otherside. Limited to 3,333 KodaPendants.


  • KodaPendant metadata trait
  • Permanent visual upgrade to the selected Koda or Vessel NFTs including a KodaPendant for your Koda or Vessel and branded limited edition frame.
  • Downloadable images (Koda/Vessel NFT, PFP, and transparent PFP with KodaPendant trait, and original Koda/Vessel NFT)

Understand your usage rights for the Koda/Vessel NFTs with KodaPendant traits.


  • Trail VFX
  • Branded chat handle


  • 925 silver with antique finish
  • Koda-shaped pendant with GG engraving
  • Interlocking G chain
  • Baroque-inspired engraving
  • Engraved back depicts a physical KodaPendant edition number
  • Chain: 50cm L
  • Pendant: 22mm W x 24mm L


Blue, thrilled with the mysterious golden Voyager’s offer, shakes the Voyager's hand, and the deal is sealed. Pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both digital and physical spaces, Otherside Relics by Gucci represent the first chapter of a broader partnership between Yuga and Gucci in which fashion, entertainment, and web3 collide.


What is Otherside Relics by Gucci?

Otherside Relics by Gucci is a collection created by Otherside and Gucci.

What is a KodaPendant?

The KodaPendant is the first relic in the Otherside Relics by Gucci collection and is dedicated to Vessel and Koda NFT Holders, focused on the intersection of digital and physical spaces. The KodaPendant features a 3,333 limited edition metadata visual update for your Vessel or Koda NFT (digital KodaPendant). Holders of the Vessel or Koda NFTs with the KodaPendant trait will for no additional cost be able to access a branded chat handle and trail VFX in Otherside, and claim a physical KodaPendant at a later date.

Who is eligible to purchase the KodaPendant?

All holders of Koda or Vessel NFTs may purchase the Otherside Relics by Gucci KodaPendant*. The 3,333 digital KodaPendants will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis from April 6th at 6 PM ET for 24 hours or until sellout, whichever happens first. Please note that the physical KodaPendant can only be sent to eligible shipping countries.

*Purchases not permitted in, from, or in connection with Cuba, Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Russia, Syria, and Ukraine.

What do I get by purchasing a KodaPendant?

By purchasing the KodaPendant, you get a metadata trait that’s a permanent visual update for the selected Koda or Vessel NFT who will now be rocking a digital KodaPendant necklace.

The updated Koda or Vessel also unlocks cosmetic options for 3D avatars in Otherside (coming summer ‘23), including trail vfx and branded chat handle.

This summer, holders of the Koda or Vessel NFT with the KodaPendant trait who provide a delivery address in one of the listed shipping countries may be eligible to claim a physical KodaPendant from Gucci at no additional cost.

All the items are tied to the updated Koda or Vessel, so the holder at the time the item is made available gets the item, regardless of who made the purchase.

Is there a limit to how many KodaPendants I can purchase?

KodaPendants will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to one per transaction for one Koda or Vessel NFT. If you hold more than one Koda and/or Vessel NFT, you may return to the site and purchase additional digital KodaPendants while supplies last.

How will the checkout flow work?

You will first need to connect a wallet to confirm that you're a Koda or Vessel NFT holder. Then, you'll provide your country and email address, and choose a Koda or Vessel for your digital KodaPendant. After previewing how the Koda or Vessel looks with its digital KodaPendant and background update, you can complete the transaction with your wallet (ApeCoin only).

When the transaction is complete, you’ll see a confirmation, be able to view the transaction on Etherscan, and the selected Koda or Vessel will reflect the metadata update. Please note that it may take a few minutes after the transaction for the change to be reflected on marketplaces.

We’ll only use this email address for essential updates like order issues and claim instructions for physical KodaPendants. Here’s our Privacy Policy.

How much will the KodaPendant cost?

450 APE

How long will the sale last?

The sale will begin on April 6th at 6 PM ET and last for 24 hours or until sellout, whichever happens first.

How will I pay for the KodaPendant? Which currencies will be accepted?

All sales are in ApeCoin.

Which wallets will be supported? Can I use Warm.xyz?

Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Wallet Connect will be supported. We will support Warm.xyz for token delegation.

Can I revert my metadata update?

No. You will get a chance to preview how your Koda or Vessel NFT looks with its digital KodaPendant and background update before checking out. Additionally, you will also be able to download image files of the Koda/Vessel PFP, NFT, transparent background PFP with the KodaPendant metadata trait updates as well as the original Koda NFT.

Does this change my rights to my original Koda or Vessel?

No, you still have the same license to use the original Koda or Vessel image (without the visual update). While the original Koda image may be used for commercial purposes under the license, the version with the KodaPendant trait may not. A PNG of the original Koda (which will not have the KodaPendant trait) may be downloaded from your collector profile on otherside.xyz.

Can I use the KodaPendant trait for commercial purposes?

No, but you can use the original Koda image, which may be downloaded from the end of your checkout process or your collector profile on otherside.xyz. Vessels only have personal use rights, and cannot be used for commercial purposes. For clarity, you do NOT have commercial rights to use the Gucci logo or character font under any circumstances.

Can I transfer the metadata update to a different Koda or Vessel after purchase?

No, the metadata update will be tied to the Koda or Vessel NFT you select at the time of purchase.

Will KodaPendants be the same for all Koda or Vessel NFT holders?

The metadata update will be the same for all Koda or Vessel NFT holders. Depending on your Koda or Vessel, the placement may appear differently (e.g., a KodaPendant will look differently on a Koda versus a Vessel). Your Vessel will keep the KodaPendant as it evolves.

I don’t see the metadata update, how do I manually refresh?

When viewing your Koda or Vessel NFT in OpenSea, select the three-dot menu in the upper right hand corner. There you will see an option to “Refresh Metadata”.

I’m still having an issue with my metadata update, who can I reach out to for help?

Vessel or Koda NFT holders can reach out to [email protected] for any metadata update issues.

What is the physical KodaPendant and what is it made of?

The KodaPendant necklace, an Otherside Relic by Gucci, combines fashion, entertainment, and web3. It’s made entirely of 925 sterling silver, the Koda-shaped pendant is a nod to Yuga Labs’ Otherside, while the eyes and the interlocking G chain bring in Gucci’s instantly recognizable GG logo. The back of each piece is engraved with a unique edition number.

Will all physical KodaPendants look the same?

All physical KodaPendants will look the same, except for a unique edition number on the back.

Who is eligible to claim a physical KodaPendant and when?

The physical KodaPendant will be available to claim from Gucci, at no additional cost, to those who hold a Koda or Vessel NFT with the KodaPendant trait in their wallet this summer.

In order to claim the physical KodaPendant, the holders of the Koda or Vessel NFT with the KodaPendant trait will need to access a Gucci website at a later date.

Follow @OthersideMeta on Twitter for Gucci website information, and claim and shipping updates.

Eligible shipping countries: please note that Gucci will ship the physical KodaPendants only to the countries listed below, and does not ship to PO boxes.

  • North America

    • Canada
    • United States
  • Europe

    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • Finland
    • France
    • Hungary
    • Luxembourg
    • Greece
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • The Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Turkey
    • United Kingdom
  • Asia

    • Japan
  • Middle East

    • Kuwait
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia
    • UAE

Holders of a Koda or Vessel NFT with the KodaPendant trait will need to provide additional information for fulfillment. If you are unable to provide a shipping address within one of the shipping countries, you may still purchase a KodaPendant but will not be able to receive the physical KodaPendant. If you’re able to provide a shipping address within an eligible country to Gucci when physical KodaPendant claims and shipping begin, however, you will be able to receive a physical KodaPendant.

The price remains the same whether or not you claim a physical KodaPedant or are unable to receive a physical KodaPendant because you do not provide a shipping address within an eligible country.

What happens if I purchase a KodaPendant but sell my Koda or Vessel NFT with the KodaPendant trait before claiming the physical KodaPendant?

The new owner of the Koda or Vessel NFT with the KodaPendant trait will be eligible to claim the physical KodaPendant as long as they provide a shipping address within the elegible countries.

Is there a limit to how many physical KodaPendants I can claim?

You can claim one physical KodaPendant for each Vessel or Koda NFT with the KodaPendant trait you hold.

Can the physical KodaPendant be delivered to a PO Box?


Will returns or refunds be allowed?

There will be no refunds for the metadata update. Physical KodaPendants cannot be returned. Gucci client services will provide assistance on the physical KodaPendant. More details and information will be available on the relevant Gucci website upon redemption of the physical KodaPendant


Otherside is a gamified, interoperable metaverse in which the players own the world, your NFTs can become playable characters, and thousands can play together in real time.


Influential, innovative and progressive, Gucci is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. The House has redefined luxury for the 21st century, further reinforcing its position as one of the world’s most desirable fashion houses.